Issue 32.1 | After Growth: Rethinking the Narrative of Modernization (Spring 2014)

Issue 32.1 | After Growth: Rethinking the Narrative of Modernization (Spring 2014)

"The deepening global environmental crisis and recent research revealing the limits, and even dangers, of Western-style consumerism has turned the whole narrative of development completely upside down." —Issue 32.1 Feature

The deepening global environmental crisis has placed the idea of development into question; this ARCADE feature section will examine this issue through economics, transportation, urban planning, urban lifestyles and food production. The future of the city is the future of humanity. Feature editor: Charles Tonderai Mudede

This issue also includes ARCADE’s regular columns covering a wide-range of design, architecture, urbanism, and art focused content from a Northwest perspective.

Issue 32.1 is printed in two-color on uncoated stock. The issue was designed by Thomas Eykemans.

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