Issue 32.2 | Empathy, Fire and Spades: Design for Social Innovation (Fall 2014)

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Issue 32.2 | Empathy, Fire and Spades: Design for Social Innovation (Fall 2014)

"In this feature we examine the inherent, powerful role community plays in the design process. We find that through a potent mix of collective action, creative thought and unbridled experiences, we can inspire each other to reach higher levels of social consciousness and ingenuity." —Issue 32.2 Feature

How are human nature and the power of community inherent in the design process—how do we inspire each other to come up with innovative ideas and create the projects that shape our communities? This issue's feature, "Empathy, Fire and Spades: Design for Social Innovation," comprises a mix of essays, narratives, and reporting that explore the human condition, the wild creativity needed to deviate from the norm, and projects that are changing the way we relate to each other and our environments. Feature editor: Brian Boram

This issue also includes ARCADE’s regular columns covering a wide-range of design, architecture, urbanism, and art focused content from a Northwest perspective.

Issue 32.2 is printed in two-color on uncoated stock. The issue was designed by Thomas Eykemans.

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