Issue 33.2 | Authenticity: Navigating the Real in Cities, Design and Art (Fall 2015)


Issue 33.2 | Authenticity: Navigating the Real in Cities, Design and Art (Fall 2015)

“If someone hasn’t already had a certain experience of the authentic—grandma’s tamales with grandma’s salsa—what property can we point to in order to help her understand it?”
— Issue 33.2 feature

When it comes to design, architecture, and art, authenticity is invoked in a wide range of seemingly unrelated contexts: the preservation of buildings and artworks, the changing character of growing cities, new developments in historically underserved communities, and individual creative practice. This issue’s feature, "Authenticity: Navigating the Real in Cities, Design and Art,” will inquire into authenticity’s different uses across a variety of disciplines. Featuring perspectives from architects, designers, philosophers and more, the issue provides a means through which readers may explore the subject of authenticity, find common threads that unite its many manifestations, and determine if authenticity is a virtue worth striving for in art, design and architecture, especially in the face of change. Feature editor: Paul L. Franco

This issue also includes ARCADE’s regular columns covering a wide range of design, architecture, urbanism, and art focused topics from a Northwest perspective.

Issue 33.2 is printed in two-color on uncoated stock. The issue was designed by Schema.

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