Issue 34.1 | Visiting the Past, Designing the Future: Reflections on Influence (Spring 2016)


Issue 34.1 | Visiting the Past, Designing the Future: Reflections on Influence (Spring 2016)

“As we move into the future, what will we take with us—as we grow and change, what ideas and experiences will guide our choices?”
— Issue 34.1 feature

What ideas have stood the test of time? For this issue's feature, “Visiting the Past, Designing the Future: Reflections on Influence,” contributors draw upon cultural influences and experiences that have impacted their thinking and reflect on how they're relevant to design, art, and society today. By exploring influential ideas in a fresh context, we look to discover insights into our path forward in a period of great change in our region, nation, and world. Feature editors: Erin Kendig and Kelly Rodriguez

This issue also includes ARCADE’s regular columns covering a wide range of design, architecture, urbanism, and art focused topics from a Northwest perspective.

Issue 34.1 is printed in two-color on uncoated stock. The issue was designed by Lucia|Marquand.

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