Issue 34.2 | Architectures of Migration: A Survey of Displacements, Routes, and Arrivals (Fall 2016)


Issue 34.2 | Architectures of Migration: A Survey of Displacements, Routes, and Arrivals (Fall 2016)

“Architecture should involve and listen, welcome and remember. Built and social environments should consider different perspectives and respect established communities of color. Spaces must say black, indigenous, and migrant lives matter.”
— Issue 34.2 feature

Including perspectives from architects, artists, activists, and scholars, this issue's feature, "Architectures of Migration: A Survey of Displacements, Routes, and Arrivals," explores architecture’s relationship to migration. What role does architecture play in displacing people from neighborhoods, cities or homelands, and how do the displaced recall place? As people migrate, what ephemeral environments do they establish to survive, and how do they experience spaces of detention or the camp? Once they’ve arrived in a new place, how do the displaced develop architecture, settle neighborhoods and practice urbanism, and how are these acts related to identity and belonging? From displacement through arrival, this feature presents examples from different places, contexts and peoples, examining both social and built environments. Feature editor: Gregory T. Woolson

This issue also includes ARCADE’s regular columns covering a wide range of design, architecture, urbanism, and art focused topics from a Northwest perspective.

Issue 34.2 is printed in two-color on uncoated stock. The issue was designed by Lucia|Marquand.

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